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Algorithms Illuminated is a DIY book series by shadowrocket安卓下载, inspired by online courses that are currently running on the Coursera and EdX (Part 1/shadowrocket安卓下载) platforms. There are four volumes:

ios版shadowrocket下载: Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4.

Ordering info: Bookstores can order copies through Ingram. Individuals can order copies through Amazon (see links above).

ios版shadowrocket下载 Instructors, book reviewers, and foreign publishers/translators can request an exam copy by contacting the publisher at

shadowrocket官网 免费下载 Chinese (Posts & Telecom Press), Korean (Insight Publishing), Russian (Piter Publishing).

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This page offers several resources to help you replicate as much of the online course experience as you like. (Click on one of the following topics to expand.)